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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Cell Phone Tapping

Cell phone tapped to me is a very complex thing. I believe that it should used to only to help solve a crime or protect us. The government might say well how can we prevent a crime or get information if we don't have taps on everyone all the time. Well thats a good point but we as citizens of the United States which runs on as a democracy should have a right to our privacy. Using cell phone records to track down criminal in an emergency situation is one thing. But allowing federal investigators to monitor a person through there cell phone without having to provide evidence of criminal activity is an outrage.
The government doesn't have the authority to track cellphone location without a warrant.
But most recently, on Dec. 20, a fourth judge, in New York, ruled in the government's favor, finding that the USA Patriot Act and federal wiretapping laws allow police to track cell phone signals without showing a cause. How will this affect us later down the road? I'm not sure but I don't like that fact that there is a possiblity that I am always goint to me watched. Phone tapped was one thing and now there may be cell phone tapped and I'm even hearing that we are being watch through camaras. But yet Ipeople still don't feel safe.



Blogger Koiya said...

Daphney I agree with you because I too think that this is an outrage. it ia not right for the government to spy on us when we are not doing anything illegal. Using a camera to spy on us in public places is one thing but it is unfair to bother us in our private times. We may be having coinversations over the pone that we feel are no one's business and this is clearly a violation of our rights

10:17 AM  
Blogger BabyGurl said...

That's true, the government has no motive or evidence that the citizens of USA are doing an illegal activity. The government need to waste their time on more important events that are occuring about the world. There are people in the crazy house becuase they feel people are watching or spying on them. Are they wrong to feel such a way? Should they even be in a mental house if what they saying is true?

1:11 PM  

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